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Founded in Europe in 1993, TRASAM has focused for more than 20 years on the exportation of South American species, mainly from the Brazilian Amazon. The total volume exported will reached 1.000.000m3 in 2015 and annual participation in wood fairs together with groups of selected exporters is very important in finding new markets and new customers: Dubai (2011), Nantes (2012), Belém (2013), Nantes (2014) , Guangzhou (2015) and Nantes (2016).


TRASAM has customers all over the world, not only in Europe and America but also in Asia, Africa and Oceania. These are mainly traditional importers, factories and specialized distributors like DIY shops.


The principal loading ports are Vila do Conde, Santarém, Manaus, Santos, Paranaguá, Itajaí, Callao and Arica. From these ports there are regular shipping services to all main destinations in the world.


TRASAM is a member of a number of associations such as ATIBT (France) and AIMEX (Brazil) and each year participates in international congresses. The main objective of these participations is not only to remain well informed regarding legislation of the importing countries but also to meet future new partners. TRASAM has a very responsible attitude towards its customers supplying timber from legally managed forestry projects and also towards the conservation of the forest.